1970s fads and fashion

The general silhouette was long and lean with lots of hair, a look for both sexes that gave the era an androgynous appeal.

70s Fashion

Plaid was a popular choice for a day at the office or on the farm and pants remained flared. The professional uniform of the year was a blazer, cowl-neck sweater and slimmed-down skirt.

Pastels and vivid colors were much more subdued than in For men this particularly meant bell bottom jeanstie dye shirts, and military surplus clothing. A new fad — piping — showed up on blazers and suits. Many of them were trimmed with fur, especially fox. The US—Soviet geopolitical rivalry nonetheless continued through the decade, although in a more indirect faction as the two superpowers jockeyed relentlessly for control of smaller countries.

Her cotton floral print dresses with long sleeves, high necklines trimmed with lace were reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian British country dress.

Most cars to that point were not very fuel-efficient and people looked for a new method of transportation, which could allow them to travel efficiently and reasonably.

All of these replaced standard jewelry. Large work boots or exaggerated platforms, and Doc Martin boots made people look tough, yet interesting. He displayed courage when trying out bold new colors that had not been seen in menswear in years, if ever.

On April 4,the rear loading ramp on a USAF Lockheed C-5 Galaxy blew open mid-flightcausing explosive decompression that crippled the aircraft.

Boots became rounder, chunkier, heavier, and thicker, and were more expensive than they were in the early s. Yves Saint Laurent instigated the s revival in his spring Paris collection that was widely panned by critics but embraced by young trendsetters.

An educated youth looked for clothing that expressed their individuality, and for unique garments bought on the cheap. Young people, enamored with films from the s, 30s, and 40s could purchase old clothing to emulate the Golden Age of Hollywood. Denim, the familiar blue-jeans material, moved into fashion respectability as young and old alike flocked to wear it in a variety of ways.

Clothing History - Fashion and Style in the 1970s

Every type of boot imaginable was sold, in all shapes, sizes and materials. New shapes leaned toward the body and their fullness was tamed. The trend leaned toward the inconspicuous and comfortable.

Many shops had shut due to poor sales, made worse by an ongoing recession. Women wore halter dresses, or hot pants made of satiny fabrics, decorated with sequins.

Textures were mixed with reckless abandon — the more the merrier. Others thought the longer skirt aged them. The triangular scarf was the ultimate layer.

Whatever the reason, the midi skirt was a debacle that sent the fashion industry spiraling downward. The jumpsuit was a huge success in The Pantsuit[ edit ] By the late s the pantsuit had become acceptable business wear for executive women. The eccentricity that highlighted early gave way to a more powerful and respectable look by fall.

1970s in Western fashion

Torn pants, black clothing, choppy haircuts, and chains as jewelry epitomized a youth that felt marginalized by unemployment and a dim future. Torn pants, black clothing, choppy haircuts, and chains as jewelry epitomized a youth that felt marginalized by unemployment and a dim future.

On July 28,a 7. The new look, called the quasi-European suit, had slightly padded shoulders, higher arm holes, a more prominent waist suppression, open patch pockets and a light flare to both jacket and pants. Frankly, people were finding their trusty sweater, t-shirt and pair of jeans and they wore them nearly every day.

Golden chains, gold-button earrings and rhinestone clips were finding their way back into the wild after having been stashed away in favor of homemade jewelry for a few years. The early s fashion scene was very similar tojust a bit more flamboyant.

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that a fashion revolution occurred in the s. Polyester was the material of choice and bright colors were everywhere. Men and women alike were wearing very tight fitting pants and.

70s Fashion, 70s Skirt, 70s Pants, 70s Shirts, 70s Fashion Styles, 70s Clothing. Home > Fashion. 70s Fashion. Tweet. Also in the late s, both men and women squeezed into jumpsuits, one-piece outfits that zipped up the front and were usually worn with a wide belt.

70s Jumpsuits - The popular 70s fashion fad, men and women wore 70s. The s (pronounced "nineteen-seventies", commonly abbreviated as the "Seventies") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1,and ended on December 31, Much of the s fashion. Read about fads from the past: hula hoops, disco dancing, pet rocks, goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, streaking, Rubik's Cubes, 3D movies, and more.

Nov 19,  · Clothing History - Fashion and Style in the s.

1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

Updated on September 25, Dolores Monet. more. Dolores's interest in fashion history dates from her teenage years when vintage apparel was widely available in thrift stores.

The Ugly Side of s janettravellmd.coms: 4. Fashion in the s was about individuality. In the early s, Vogue proclaimed "There are no rules in the fashion game now" due to overproduction flooding the market with cheap synthetic clothing.

1970s fads and fashion
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