A comparison of tickets please and arch deceiver by tony kytes

It mocks Tony because his deceit finally rebounds on him.

Compare ‘Tickets please’ by D H Lawrence and ‘Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy

This was a big thing for girls in those days because they were so feminine and a scratch would be a big thing for them. Like in the story, he lies on numerous occasions to each 3 of the women and each time he gets himself into more trouble.

How is your aunt now.

“Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver” and “Tickets Please” Essay Sample

The description is less tender and romantic and this is illustrated by the less descriptive impression of the women portrayed to the reader. In addition she never wanted to loose him. This is where the story climaxes as it unknown to whether she will ever forgive him, but from then on there is a sense of bathos, which is a reference to after Dorothea has left Randall, there is very little suspense evoked in this story.

But both men fool around with more than one woman, although he gets caught in the end, John Thomas is a LOT better a getting away with seeing all these different woman.

After this they eventually let him go. I think that D. Before His death inhe had written fifteen novels, four collections of short stories and eight collections of poetry. Even though Tony is engaged to Milly, he still seems to see something in Unity and Hannah, as he lets them onto his wagon and still speaks to them of love and relationships.

The women proved their point and they feel they may have tamed him but because he has always been a philanderer he may never change. Thomas Hardy was born in in Dorset.

This would leave them without any financial security or possibly without a home.

Exploring and comparing relationships inTony Kytes the Arch Deceiver and The Son's Veto

Even though both authors Hardy and Lawrence are educated they use dialect in their texts. The title of the story leads you to believe that Tony is cunning and deceitful, maybe a clever man, but really he is a simple man and lies a lot to try and get himself out of the mess he tends to put himself in.

Rural life then was very hard and marriage was extremely important for the woman in Britain because, they needed a husband to support them as it was very difficult to get a decent job that paid a sufficient wage for women in those days.

It shows how the women were behaving in those days, as you can see from the traditional lifestyle, the women are ready to fight back and stronger.

But what Tony says to other women is all mere wind, and no concern to me. They talked on very pleasantly, and looked at the trees and beasts and birds and insects, and at the plowmen at work in the fields, till presently who should they see looking out of the upper window of a house that stood beside the road they were following but Hannah Jolliver, another young beauty of the place at that time, and the very first woman that Tony had fallen in love with — before Milly and before Unity, in fact the one that he had almost arranged to marry instead of Milly.

Well, now, to be quite honest, dear Tony, do you like her better than me.

Relationships between men and women are a perennial subject of interest

This animal imagery, suggests that the tramcar is cat-like. He had many scars from Smallpox on his face, which gave him a rugged yet handsome appearance.

Whereas the ending of TK ends with all women confronting Tony on which one he will choose from them all. There is irony because the writer made Tony sound like he attracts all the girls but instead it was him who made it happen.

The movement in the first sentence suggests the darting and movements of a cat. This means that although the stories deal with the same subject, the time difference sets them apart.

So they drove on till they got near the road-side cottage. But while reading the story the reader has to keep reminding themselves that Milly needed to be peaceful so she could get herself a husband because women needed a man to survive in those days.

In Tickets, Please the long sentences at the beginning of the story mimics the journey and the movement of the tram. He is slightly scornful of the women and their ridiculous behaviour.

This he thought while running after the wagon. How does Shakespeare make the transformation of Katherine believable. All the girls in TK seem desperate for a husband and they secretly and openly show they would accept him, even though some rejected him.

Like in the story, he lies on numerous occasions to each 3 of the women and each time he gets himself into more trouble. There is no one left to help them and do work for them and so women have to do all the hard work that the men do.

Despite this, it is demonstrated all through the story that the woman has mixed feelings towards her partner during the works of Kate Chopin. The reader feels they are being taken through the journey themselves. This is ironic because upper gives a sense of high class yet a puddle could only be found low on the ground.

This shows that although there is the chance of losing everything there is also the chance of escaping with what was started with or in some cases even more than to begin with. The electrical metaphor shows the power and force pulling them apart and like electricity, which is quick like their relationship.

Tickets, Please and Tony Kytes comparison - Assignment Example

The horse went on at his own pace, and coming to the corner where we turn round to drop down the hill to Lower Longpuddle he turned too quick, the off-wheels went up the bank, the wagon rose sideways till it was quite on edge upon the near axles, and out rolled the three maidens into the road in a heap.

Compare and contrast Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver by Thomas Hardy and Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Tony Kytes the arch deceiver and Turned both explore the theme of deception, although they both treat it differently.

Compare ‘Tickets please’ by D H Lawrence and ‘Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy A comparison between ‘Tony Kytes -The arch deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Seeing a beauty queen home’ by Bill Naughton. \ Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver by Thomas Hardy and The Unexpected by Kate Chopin.

‘Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Tickets Please by D H Lawrence ‘Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy with ‘Tickets, Please’ by D H Lawrence Comparison between Farmhand and She Dwelt amon the untrodden ways What.

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Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. Compare the relationships between men and women in 'Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver' by Thomas Hardy and 'Tickets Please' by D.H Lawrence.

Consider how their behavior might have been conditioned by the social and cultural attitudes at those times. 'Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver ' and 'Tickets please', are two short stories, which are set around the male/ female relationship of their time. Neither of the stories is written from a woman's point of view, 'Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver ' is clearly written from a mans point of view, while 'Tickets please' is written from a neutral point of view.

A comparison of tickets please and arch deceiver by tony kytes
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Tickets, Please and Tony Kytes comparison | Essay Example