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The Leaders Network and Students' Council Room are at level 2, and the computer laboratories, with three labs in total and one Gaming lab, are at level 4.

Chinese I can say was a slight jump from O level with different forms of compo to write and paper 2 was diff as well. Thank You Mr Yeo. Being a student of Mr Yeo has been a blessing to me.


I am also glad to have met someone who does not merely teach, but cares and does all he can to bring out the best in his students. For me, I don't know, maybe it could be due to time management problems, but Having taught for many years his experience and encounters with many kinds of students has helped hone his teaching abilities.

This guy here is the one for you Just think, no more U. My favourite cafe is Good News. His explanations are clear and crisp allowing us to clarify our doubts easily.

And, your small chemistry booklet and the red book was superbly useful in helping me to revise for all my chemistry exams cause it really helped to summarize all the necessary information and knowledge we had to know for the exams, so here's a big THANK YOU for that. Firstly, they are labyrinth fish and can gulp oxygen from the air.

His passion and commitment for teaching is about admirable aspect of him.

H2 Math Exam Papers & Solutions

The prestigious cultural medallion was presented to Jennifer Tham in to recognise her achievements in artistic excellence in the music scene in Singapore For model essay Please contact Angie or Mr Ong My grades went from D to A in 5 months or less. Was wearing HIHS half uniform with my dyed long hair.

2006 AJC H2 Maths Promo - Questions

But since I'm in, I hope I will have another one good year next year and do well for A levels. The way Mr Yeo teaches is much easier to digest and I begin to see physics from a different angle and got a C for my promos followed by B for my prelims.

My Physics journey is akin to a marathon, and Mr Yeo served as a great coach, helping me up when I fall, cheering me on when I needed them most, and assisting me to overcome any hurdles that I faced. Other than these two sessions, we go for other events such as hospice visits to play games with them.

In addition, his dedication and genuine care for the students really does motivate us to study harder. His interest in physics can be seen through his enthusiastic teaching. Furthermore, the constant assignments distributed have also drilled students to practice our time management skills, such that students like myself gradually become accustomed to work under the strict time limits.

During exam periods, he will take extra time to answer our questions and often communicate to us via whatsapp to ask about the papers. I am fortunate to be enrolled in his class and I would definitely recommend Mr pang to prospective A level students.

But more importantly, Mr Pang is able to keep a lively atmosphere during the lesson, with his witty comments and jokes, which allows us to absorb the myriad of information more readily from him.

Closer to exam seasons, he goes into the critical aspects of the syllabus that will be required to score well. Every single time I tried to apply the concepts taught after an intensive self-study session or sitting through a lecture with my ears pricked up, I would ALWAYS end up at this point where the answer to the question defies my train of thought.

His lesson plans are also very well planned and organised, making sure we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to answer questions from all the various topics, as well as incorporating lessons on Planning and teaching us practical skills where appropriate which I have to come find very useful.

His style of teaching is systematic and easy to understand. Advantages Pay per lesson. Explanation was good and the tutor is very experienced thus highlighted information was always particularly useful. I do mean every word I said above. But if you want to save money or have no much use for it other than PW, then dont get it.

JC Maths Specialist: Mr Jackie Lee

However, having spent two years under the tutorship of Mr Pang, I am able to say confidently that Chemistry is not only a subject I excel in but also one which I enjoy. Pang is a joy. i have notes for H2 History, H2 Economics, H1 Maths and GP - batch, aka tpjcs last batch im giving them away for H2 History - sold H2 Economics- sold KSBull- $2 each if you buy both free ksbull H1 Maths - sold Revision Packages for Economics - sold Extra Reading M.

ACJC prelim - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. ACJC prelim. H1 & H2 Math consultation and tutoring service. Students & Tutors are free to view the materials here. These documents are uploaded on another domain and you will be directed to the webpage by clicking on the links below.

1Jurong Junior College JC1 H2 Mathematics Promo Solutions Qn Solution 1 () (). Sep 07,  · A-Level Chemistry Tuition Singapore/H2 Chemistry Tuition/JC Chemistry Tutor. JC1 Promo Exams and JC2 Prelim Exams Preparatory Classes.

for Chemistry. Open for Registration Now! Call Angie @ or Mr Ong @ JC1 December Holiday Assignment JJC H2 Mathematics Promotional Examination 1 −2 Expand (k + y) up to and including the term in.

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