Strenghts and weakness of discursive approach to obedience

However, for a writer who places so much emphasis on indirect communication, and on the semiotics of invisibility, we should regard this absence as significant. Teenagers who are less aggressive can take part in school more effectively and will in turn feel good about their achievements because they will be rewarded for their motivation and academic success.

Describe how obedience was measured. Another is the Socinian theory, a powerful critique of Substitution which nevertheless fails to offer a clear alternative. Therefore, any representation of faith is always suspended in the realm of ideality and can never be actual faith.

How researchers interpret data will also be dependent on their own phenomenological worlds and experiences.

Exam Questions:Core Studies

In this way, DA emphasizes the importance of giving voice to respondents and bridging the gap between researcher and those being studied.

But Kierkegaard did not want to abandon aesthetics altogether in favor of the ethical and the religious. Other types of study, such as the covert observation used by Rosenhan, raise clear issues of consent. Field experiments are experiments carried out in a real world situation.

Outline one situational factor that led to high levels of obedience in this study. Describe how individual differences in levels of aggression were controlled for in this study. Justify your response with evidence from a relevant core study.

Evaluation of Social Approach

Several ways to write up the analyses that the approach the researcher decides to use must reflect the research question. The cognitive approach heavily relies on experiments as its main research method. Do you look upon certain members of the news media who speak about health issues as authority.

Evaluation of Gibson’s contribution to Milgram’s research findings on obedience

The first is the aesthetic, which gives way to the ethical, which gives way to the religious. These works fall into three genres: This theory also emphasizes sacrifice and Atonement as a precondition to forgiveness, not the direct cause of forgiveness.

There is a danger that they may miss other relevant themes. This does not answer the question.

Søren Kierkegaard

Outline the situational explanation of behaviour debate. He used irony, parody, satire, humor, and deconstructive techniques in order to make conventionally accepted forms of knowledge and value untenable. This observation points out the difficulty of "go[ing] beyond what is written" 1 Cor.

No matter how eloquent or evocative language is it can never be the actual. However, Kierkegaard and the German romantics and German idealists share the view that classical Greek art lacks inwardness or subjective spirit. Once identified the themes may shape the direction of the analysis.

One of the debates in psychology is whether an individual's behaviour is a result of their personality or their social context. We are frequently told that sacrifice does not automatically secure God's favor cf.

They need to have the ability to put participants at ease so that they feel confident to talk openly about their experiences Interpreting the data using IPA is a very time consuming process.

In fact, Bob was paid off. This was aimed at subverting our focus on worldly goals in order to refocus on other-worldly goals. In this way, one may criticise discourse analysts for obscuring alternative interpretations and thus contributing towards creating another ideology see Fairclough, ; Edwards, b.

He lived in an age when mass society was emerging from a highly stratified feudal order and was contemptuous of the mediocrity the new social order generated.

As you will see from looking at the three core studies in this section of the course, the authors of the studies emphasise the importance of the social context in shaping behaviour. I would want to use a tape recorder however as past research has shown some participants would not allow their interview to be recorded.

Milgram- Strenghts and Weaknesses of Method

P - Make a point about a strength or weakness of the approach (e.g. see the ones given below) E - Give and example from one of the four studies you have covered, which helps to illustrate your point.

E - Explain why this is a good/bad thing for the approach. Below we consider some of the strengths and weaknesses of the behavioural approach. Blue. words indicate the issue to which the point relates.

Strengths. Reductionism: Classical and operant conditioning (both of which are reductionist) form a fundamental part of psychological explanations. Critical Discourse Analysis, Description, Explanation, Causes: Foucault's Inspiration Versus Weber's Perspiration The FOUCAULTian governmentality approach, in relying on a teleology—the ultimate purpose of human endeavour is the quest for ever-growing human reason, a reason that is the universal basis of moral judgements, especially moral.

One weakness of the behaviourist approach is the ethical issues raised by using animals in experiments. This is because animals can not consent to take part and are unable to withdraw. An example of a behaviourist animal study is Pavlov's dogs which led to classical conditioning principles being developed.

Describe one strength and one weakness of the research method used in Moray [6] Give two examples of quantitative data collected in Moray [4] Describe the purpose of any two controls used in the study [4].

The import of PLA theory stems from its emphasis on the use of bottom-up approach in project management, while de-emphasizing the top-down approach and hence its relevance in this study. The frameworks of phenomenography and ethnomethodology were adopted to decide data collection methods and design of their contents.

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